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Hello everybody!

My name is Thomas Milton, I´m founder of and today I´ll tell you something about my project.

As lots of you knows, hyip industry is not a safe place for beginners with no experience and knowledge of the system, therefore you´ll loose your money sooner or later.

There are lots of projects/programmes which are “fast scam” at the first sigh. These projects usually only pays for monitors and gives nothing back to investors. On the other hand, there are some projects which looks good, but becomes a scam in just few days. So where´s the problem? Why does these projects close the doors so soon? These projects are usually owned by the same owners and they look very similar to each other. I cannot answer this question completely, but one thing is absolutely sure. These owners has no clue about how this business goes and they are unexperienced cheaters, who only targets for income. So they has no care about the entire system. And there is lack of investors due to these scams. That´s one of the reasons why I started this blog.

However, there are also sophisticated projects with strong budget and experienced owners, which has high potential and usually lasts for just few cycles, so you can earn a good amount of money by it. And these projects can be found on this blog. I´ve been working in this business for 9 years, I have some experience and I want to share them with you. Of course that I can´t guarantee you anything, your investment comes only at your own risk. I check every project carefully and I rate every project by 1-5 stars. Investing in projects rated by 1-2 stars is risky and I don´t recommend to invest anything into it. I personally recommend investing in projects rater 3 or better.

Inveexp is new sophisticated project offering some guarantee in investment for all investors, which are referals of this blog. Let´s say it works a little bit as an insurance company. In case hyip want to buy some listing, I firstly check it before you can choose one. Prices for listing are moving between 350 – 950 USD. The more expensive hyip listing guarantees better income from registered people and also amount of people. Every listing has a time set, and for that time hiyp should be PAYING. In case that hyip stops the payments earlier, Inveexp will give you back at least a part of your invested money in change for a registration via this blog.
Let´s say that hiyp buys an EXCLUSIVE listing for 950 USD. You register 10 investors to the project via this blog. Everysingle one of them invests 100 USD. And if the project stops paying earlier before the time set, those 950 USD are percentualy divided between those investors, according to amount of their investment. In this case it would be 950/10 = 95 USD (every investor would get 95 USD + incomes already earned by the program + 100% RBC offered by Inveexp). This is 100% guarantee of earn. And that´s what is the project about.

But why would I do such a thing? That´s a question. Whatever, it´s a guarantee of quality of this blog and hyip´s presented on it. In case I choose a bad project, I have no earn of it. But I don´t want to lie to you and come around in circles. This project was not created just with hope to help people with investments. Of course I also want to have income, I´m not so kind.

It´s something new, and I don´t know whether it´ll work or not. I spent lots of time and money by building this project. But if it´ll work, it´ll be a big one and everyone gonna love it. But remember, it´s only up to you how you manage your money. So remember the golden rule – measure twice, cut once.

With kind regards, Thomas Milton

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