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Hello everyone,

I am sure you are noticing that a lot of HYIP projects with success, big potential or big capital are often scamming because of unknow or weird reasons. And it is quite obvious that if they have kept the project up for a while, they and investors would have made much more money.

I hear a lot from admins about their accounts being hacked or wallets being robbed. One of those projects in recent time was a well-know from russian admin and the next ones were and This made me wondering for a while, because if HYIP looks promising and if is able to keep its program alive longer and make much more money, why would it stop paying their investors and make up these nonsense stories?
After a long research and communications with admins of those projects I gathered that won’t be just some standart company and they are simply robbing their customers. I personaly didn‘t do any deeper researches to pay programmer for examinationing GoldCoders Hyip Manager Script, but communication with admins of projects mensioned earleir and following evidences have convinced me that it really is the truth.

GoldCoders and its double buisness makes sense. Admins of projects buy a licence with GoldCoders (price is about 150UD and it is a good deal for that complex code). Few admins want their project to be unique. Today we can see hundreads of projects based on GoldCoders scripts and they are all very similar. In case admin request for a script change and either adding or altering some functions, then GoldCoders have to hand over all informations and details to FTP account. What is also very strange, is that in following communications with GoldCoders we had a opportunity to learn a lot of things. For example that to get API details and passwords to your wallets saved in script, password to FTP of Cpanel is not needed at all. It means every project with either „instant withdrawals“ or „mass paymant“ turned on, have details to wallets saved in script. These details can GoldCoders find out without any access passwords and withdraw money from wallet whenever they want.

That wasn’t this case tho. In this case it didn‘t come to accesing wallets, but all means were withdrawed with help of API system. GoldCoders script has a lot of functions preventing the access to administration or changing these details. It should be on of the safest scripts in this branch. And it would be if creators didn’t misuse it. Today is GoldCoders script used by 90% of all hyip projects.

Interesting point is that in case of all three mentioned project was access to FTP recorded with IP adress and browser Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1; rv:40.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/40.0. I note that it is a variety of authors and all of them told me the smillar thing. Then money were withdrawed from nonexisting accounts (names from which were these transactions made were ficton and didn’t exist in database) . All finations were sent on different accounts. In both cases accouts were Perfect Money (U9570702, U9397999,U9191567, U9716021, U9574237, U9117331). Withdrawal was done by parts inbetween 250 $ – 500 $ during few minutes.

I personaly contacted GoldCoders to acknowledge that it really happened and ask few questiones,with threat of me writing an article about them if they won’t give back what they have withdrawed from wallets. They responed very quickly with denying it and saying that they have nothing to do with it but offering me all of theirs products for free if I won’t publish anything. I find it very suspicious and confirming that they have to do something with it. Finally I believe it is good I wrote about them this article.

This should serve as warning for every admin using script from GoldCoders. If not neccessary, do not save any wallet details in the script and rather do your withdrawals manually or choose a different script. In case you want to still use functions such as „instant withdrawal“ of „mass payment“ then I recommend you leaving the least money you can on your accounts.
That is all from me today. I hope I helped to solve this situation and that there won’t be more projects forced to close even if they wanted to keep it up for a much longer time. Finally I would like to say I dont recommend investing in hyips with GoldCoders script offering „instant withdrawals“. These types of projects are extremely risky. I am sure there are more project cheated this way. They just didn’t publish that like these three big projects I heard about. So be aware and before any investment check the project first.

Greeting Thomas Milton

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