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Hello everyone,

Today I would like to present you a project which is already alive for almost 2 years. I have added this project on Inveexp 2/12/2015. For this project INVEEXP offers just 100% RefBack. Unfortunately, there is no option of Money Back Guarantee because this project is in unpayed PERSNOAL LISTING.

While this project is alive for almost 2 years, investment into this could be very risky. That is the reason I have only invested 30 USD.

Forex Paradise can remind you well-known sleep projects, which buy a few monitors and pay low percentage for a long time. Then is project redesigned and plans are changed for higher ones. Then it can feel like the project pays for its whole lifetime percentage that high. Personally I don’t recommend you an investment into this project because of its long lasting period.

In case you still want to invest, there are plans which are relatively low and that can still secure a few cycles without problems. Actually there are two plans. The first one pays you monthly for 12 months. Respectively from 18% up to 22% per month + 100% unitial deposit back. It is necessary to say that the minimum deposit is 100 USD for this plan. The second one pays you on every weekday in the high from 0,80% to 1,1% for 154 days (minus weekends). The minimal deposit here is 25 USD. Withdrawals are done immediately, or instantly if you want, and that is a pleasure to see here.

Personally I recommend you to invest only into the second plan, while the first one is too long for us. I think that you can safely do this project for a few months but given its actuall lifespan I don’t recommend it you to.

I am glad to see that project supports a big variety of payment processors. It also has GREEN SSL BAR from Comodo registered in Honkong and that I find very interesting.

Admin has definitely a lot of experience and high budget. It seems like this is not his first project.

That is all from me for today. Invest carefully and remember that it depends only on you how you will use your money. Do not forget the golden rule – „Measure twice and cut once“.

Greeting Thomas Milton



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