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Hello everyone,

Not a long time ago, you could have noticed me adding a project called Marlive to Personal Listing. Unfortunatelly I havn’t got to it until now, in time, when project has been online for more than 2 months. offers only 100% Refback for this project because it hasn’t bought any paid membership yet.

Project is pretending to be trading on forex shop. Overall it looks very well worked thru with its own script. I do not want to injure this project, as I can see it has a very good admin and first investors are already earing profit, but remember on a well-known project in a bad way. This project has the same principle and its web’s design is built on the same base as well. Although in this case it looks like admin is not going to end it soon.

We can notice Marlive is on their page offering an opportunity to download an application for Windows and Android. Do not be pleased so quickly, whereas these apps don’t work and serve as kind of a sham. Anyway it is a plus point for admin and his project, whereas it makes it look very elaborate as it also is. Admin Marlive is continously working on this project and adding new functions. One of them to mention is for example MATS Monitor, in which you can track online course of transactions.

Marlive has just one investment plan in which you can get at least 1.5% (usually around 4%) every weekday. On public holidays you get at least 1% and on Sunday 0.3% (usually around 0.5%). Marlive does not pay only on Saturday. Plan is over only when your deposit has reached 160% given your basic investment concerned in daily profit. Profits are attributed always in 00:00 Marlive server time. If you want you can set automatic withdrawals on you wallet, so in case of earning attribution are your money send directly to your account.
Withdrawals are paid instantly – automatically. In case of BitCoin it sometimes takes a while, whereas all payments are done in 00:00 server time and that makes it sometimes stucked. Nevertheless, I always got my money within few hours.

Project accepts payment wallets Perfect Money, BitCoin and Payeer.
Minimal investment in Marlive begins just on 10 $.

I find project very well designed and admin has not started with some bigger propagation yet. That makes it so one cycle could still withstand. On the other hand, project has been on for more than 60 days and does not offer Money Back Guarantee in this case. Considering, that to even return your invested amount are 40 days needed, it can seems a little bit risky and that is why you should invest only what you can efford to lose or does not endanger your financial status.

That is all from me for today. Invest carefully and remember that it depends only on you how you will use your money. Do not forget the golden rule – „Measure twice and cut once“.

Greeting Thomas Milton



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