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Hello everyone,

On day 07/01/19 another adept to Personal Listing was approved here on Project is called Grant Bets. Money Back Guarantee is unfortunately not aviable, because project has not bought any paid membership yet. But a lifelong RefBack 100% is available.

Project’s legend is based on a betting company which may see like a very good idea. If you remember that most of these kind of projects withstood often a very long time and making a pretty good amount of money was possible by these. Anyway, no one knows how it will be by this case. Let’s hope admin of Grant Bets will be as fair as the project looks like.

First positive thing I would like to publish and most of you will appreciate is that Grant Bets is paying on every weekday and withdrawals are paid instantly. You maybe remember me talking about high risk in case of projects with instant withdrawals. That does not apply on this project tho, while it has its own script.
Minimal deposit begins only on 10 $, so almost everyone has an investment possibility. Grant Bets is also giving you extra 10% of the amount invested by every first deposit and that got my attention. That means that in case of first plan investment, which originally gives 1% per day for a 15 days long period, you can get up to 26,5% net profit + you can get 5% more of RefBack on Eventually that makes 32% net profit in 15 days. Personally, I recommend investing only in this first plan.

What I have noticed is a function called compounding – reinvestment of daily profits, which I strongly do not recommend. In case you have compounding on is possible to obtain a little bit more money, but in fact, it is the same as investing in the „After 15 days“ plan and that is very risky and I would also say not worth it.

What its design concerns is Grant Bets very well made and it looks like admin has cared about it more then enough. Unfortunatelly I have not found any social accounts there. It means admin is not going to propagate via social sites, where extremely large amount of investors can be found. Administrator bought only a few good monitors. It can be seen as a good step and it should not endanger the project so much. Anyway it can also means Grant Bets having budget not that big.

In case you want to invest, you can do so via payment proccessors Perfect Money, BitCoin or Payeer.

For those who enjoy risking I have two more plans to recommend. First one is 120% in 15 days. Then the second is 2% daily for 40 days – what has to be mentioned here is a minimal investment in high of 100 $.

That is all from me for today. Invest carefully and remember that it depends only on you how you will use your money. Do not forget the golden rule – „Measure twice and cut once“.

Greeting Thomas Milton



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