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Hello to all readers,

Today there is a bit atypical article for you. I would like to let you know that recently I had to do some little precautions in order to minimize the amount of programs which close sooner than any investor is able to reach some profit. Since now, rules for acceptation of programs are much stricter. As you probably know, you can find here only projects I have invested in from my own pocket, so I can‘t afford it. It is also not a very good propagation for INVEEXP.COM. The solution will be this page having much less programs than usual, but on the other hand, the best of the bests.

As you have likely noticed, two very promising projects have left us this week.

On day 20/01/16, project Grant Bets stopped paying which unfortunately collapsed after 25 days of paying off. It is a pity while it could have lasted a very long time with plans it had. Of course the early investors had reached a profit but most of them have lost their money. This is a sign of a very bad admin that has a lot of things to learn and shouldn‘t be here. In a case he managed to keep his project alive little bit longer, he would make more money and also the first ones would have their deposit with a profit back. With this behavior, he lowers the amount of investments. Investors will be more worried and that makes less and less investments in hyips. We shall call that a „hyip apocalypse“.

The second project, that stopped paying on 24/01/16, is called Venround. This project has been paying for 50 days from that 13 days here on INVEEXP.COM. Investors who has invested in the first plan together with me, could have reached a profit. That admin had unfortunately started paying selectively – either just small amounts or to monitors alone. Venround was a great project, that even despite a high percentage it offered, could have lasted surely a longer time. What seems weird to me is a fact, that its admin had not started with any bigger promotion of his project, which would ensure much more deposits and offsetting the ration between deposits and withdrawals called „cash flow“.

However, I have to admit this week wasn’t so good. We have to hope for better tomorrows.
Continue following INVEEXP.COM for a new very well worked thru project to come within a few days/weeks. But so far it is still in construction. When I was talking with its admin, he seemed very honest, so let’s keep an eye on this one.

Greetings Thomas Milton

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  1. CHE
    February 10, 2016 at 2:19 am

    Hello Thomas! What do you think in general about POKER AUTOMATICS ( FOR NOW? And the second question is….
    I can explain our situation. For now 2 days we are just waiting for withdraw money from this site. And nothing…. We sent several requests to this site for withdraw money, as site requires, but no one answered on our emails and our requests were not considered and / or satisfied. I think it’s not normal. Have you been in such situation? What could you suggest to do in such situation? Thanks!

    • inveexp
      February 10, 2016 at 6:32 am

      Hi, please follow this article:

      Personaly I think project is still stable and can be there for long time. About your situation, I also waited a bit longer sometimes, but still there is time as Pokeram processing withdrawals within 5 business days. In case you will do not get paid within 5 business days, than contact me by support form with details and I can personaly contact admin. I got answer within few hours usually.

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