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On the day 15/01/16, project Coince has been added to Personal Listing. Money Back Guarantee is not available, while project hasn’t bought any paid listing, although, lifelong RefBack 100% is available.

I have been thinking a long time about publishing this article, because project had been added even before policy update on due to plenty of “fast scams“. Nevertheless, I decided to publish it, while it looks like a pretty experienced admin is in charge of things. At the beginning, its seemed to me like project’s design is similar to recent “fast scam“ This concerns completely different admin tho. I don’t know it for sure, but it could be the admin of formal hyip called, which was more or less successful and lasted for more than 120 days.

But let’s get back to project Coince. It prides itself on very cliched story about BitCoin mining. We all know it is just a scenery behind which is project hiding and none of that is true. Design is on a very good way to success, although, it happened to me that page was not working as it should be sometimes. In case you log in and then you go back to home page, you are immediately logged out. I don’t know if it is on purpose or not, but it’s very unpractical anyway. However, that is something we can live with. What I haven’t seen anywhere else is a certificate, which generates itself in user panel right after your deposit is made. It shows an amount of money you have put in and also the number of certificate, which may seem very trustworthy. Definitely an upside for me. I have also noticed a menu for choosing a domain. It offers 7 domains in total, such as .com, ru., .net etc. What surprised me also, was that project offers so many international domains and is only available in english. Maybe admin just needs more time to expand this area.

What you almost definitely won’t like are manual withdrawals, done usually within few hours and that is relatively alright and good at the same time, while Coince uses modified script from GoldCoders – more here.

Coince offers only one investment plan, which gives you 2% profit daily in 90 days long period. Final reap is 180% in 90 days. Coince doesn’t give back your initial deposit, which is also very good, while it does not put its „cashflow“ in jeopardy.

It is possible to invest via standard payment system trio – Perfect Money, BitCoin and Payeer. It is a pity that there are no more ways. It would definitely look more trustworthy.

Project is not being propagated via hyip’s monitors, nowadays. That is a good gesture and investment could probably still bring some profits.
I registred, Coince admin has bought a large amount of banners on investment forums and hyip monitors for several months in advance. It could mean that he is planning a long lasting ride.

Anyway invest carefully and remember that it depends only on you how you will use your money. Do not forget the golden rule – „Measure twice and cut once“.

Greeting Thomas Milton



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