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Hello readers,

Few days ago project called Bitera has bought Premium Listing. Since it involves middle-term projects Money Back Guarantee applies on 20 days – until 03/08/16. RefBack is also available so don’t forget to use it in case of investment.

Bitera is a project with middle-term plans, so there is comparatively a high chance you will get your money back. Project’s admin tried to make an impression that it involves formal admin of project which had been paying for almost 100 days. But this is absolutely another admin. Anyway, given its short plans I can afford to say that an investment in the first plan is overall pretty safe.

If we have a look at those plans, we can see that project offers six investment plans, though, just first three I think are appropriate for investment. In case of all plans deposit is not returned when plan has ended.
The first plan gives you daily 2% for 7 days with pure 14% profit and your maximal deposit cannot exceed 149$. Personally I don’t understand why is that, because if it was higher, more investors would come . Anyway for those who want to invest higher amount in the first plan is there a possibility of investing in more 149$ deposits.
In the second on you get daily 2,5% for 14 days. Pure profit is 35%. If you take into consideration that you are requesting RBC which is 4% of invested amount in this project, then your pure profit is 39%. Minimal investment is 150$ and maximal is 499$. In case of investments in the first plan and requesting RBC, you get clear profit 18% in 7 days. That makes 36% in 2 weeks and that isn’t much higher than the second plan. I reckon it‘s better to overlook 3% and risk less. In case this project gets risky during your plan, you can withdraw your money sooner.
The last plan which I’d recommend you is the one where you get daily 3% in 21 days. Pure profit is 63% + 4% RBC, Minimal investment is 500$ and maximal 999$.
Other plans I don’t recommend while they seem too risky.

What will definitely please you is that project pays instantly and minimal deposit is only 5$. Anyway if to invest or not is a question. Currently is there a lot of project with high potential such as NL-Trade, Capital7, Pokeram or ShareHolder.
For everyone who is interested in investing I recommend the safest plan, the first one. There is money back guarantee from so there is nothing you should worry about.

You may invest via payment systems Perfect Money, Payeer a BitCoin and that is fine.

That is all from me for today. Invest carefully and remember that it depends only on you how you will use your money. Do not forget the golden rule – „Measure twice and cut once“.

Greeting Thomas Milton



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