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Hello readers!

On the day of 23th February 2016 a new project called Copper Trade Pro had been added to Standard Listing. Money Back Guarantee by applies to 03/15/16 and 500% Refback is also available.

Let’s look at the Copper Trade project more closely. It is obvious that a very experienced admin is in charge of things. We can notice that project kind of distinguishes itself from the others. From my experience I can say that these projects have always been long-term ones as expected. I reckon that investment in this project is pretty safe so far.

In case you would like to invest, you should know that this project pays manually only on weekdays, altough, very quickly. This means no harm, as this project uses script by GoldCoders – more here.

Project offers four investment plans in total but I find safe only the first three. All of them applies on 100 weekdays. What I like the most about the project is that it does not return your initial deposit when the plan is over. This does not put its „cashflow“ in jeopardy.
The first one is called Trade Start. You get 2,4% with final 240% – pure profit of 140%. Minimal investment is 20$ and 499$ maximal.
Next one is called Trade Medium. By this you obtain daily 2,6% with final 260% – pure profit 160%. Minimal deposit is 500$ and maximal 1499$.
The last one I would like to talk about is called Trade Business. Daily profit equals 2,8% with final 280% – 180% pure profit. Minimal investment is 1500$ and maximal 4999$. I definitely don’t recommend you to invest more than that.

Copper Trade accepts a big variety of wallets. Among them you can find Perfect Money, BitCoin, Payeer, Solid Trust Pay, Payza or AdvCash.
One thing to mention is that projects accepting Solid Trust Pay and Payza are usually last long time, even though, it is not a big problem to verify this payment systems nowadays.

By the end I want to mention that it is not a bad idea to invest in this project, but only in case you invest carefully as always. Do not forget the golden rule – „Measure twice and cut once“.

Greeting Thomas Milton



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