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Hello readers!

All of you have noticed recently added project called Share Holder to Personal listing. I have a brief update of changes in last month for you, as admin changed a lot of things and he has also upgraded to Exclusive listing. Money Back Guarantee of course applies now until 06/04/2016. And also don’t forget on 500% Refback.

Changes: (these are a few changes I have noticed in last month)

1) Project redesign and new promotional spot

First thing to mention is that project made complete page redesign. It is very common that a lot of projects stop paying after this move and do this just to get more investors before that. I wouldn’t call it a problém in this case, because it is a long-term project and none significant changes have been done. Just a small modernization.
Alongside that a new promotional spot was released. The sophistication suprised me a lot and it makes project more trustworthy. Anyway these kinds of videos are custom made but I have never seen better spot by any hyip yet. Just watch it and make your own opinion.

2) Withdrawal rules changes
Next thing on the list is that admin turned off instant withdrawals and from now on they are done only manually although very quickly. I usually get payment within few minutes. This kind of change is very weird, even tho I see no problem in that, as it pays almost instantly. Admin also changed FAQ informations about that withdrawals can be processed up to 24 hours. Minimal withdrawal was also raised up to 10$. That’s a little bit worse, as in case minimal deposit is 30$ then you cannot withdraw your profit immediately. One of choices you have is to fill your account with „Top Up“ button for an amount that you’re missing to your minimal withdrawal. This way your money get balanced and you are free to withdraw again.

3) Webibars

Share Holder started togeather with redesigning weekly Webibars, which are focused on specific themes. It is a very nice step forward, as by this admin can entice many investors beyond hyip industry. It also show that admin is being serious and sober with this and he is not planning to end soon.

There are few things to mention about plans, which were also in the previous review, because the project doesn’t specify its plans correctly. Although, it has set ranges of both profits and plans, it seems like I am getting still the same percentage. In my case I should to get 1 – 1,7% daily. Unfortunately I was given just 1%. Then I was told by support that the high of your profit is influenced by the amount of share of „company“ you have bought. So more share you bought, the more you get. This isn’t explained anywhere on the website tho. If you plan on investing and buying just one share, be aware that you’re gonna get the least profit you could.

That is all from me today. Invest carefully as always, as nobody knows what’s gonna happen. Nevertheless, investments up to 650$ are safe with until 06/04/2016. Do not forget the golden rule – „Measure twice and cut once“.

Greeting Thomas Milton

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