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Hello readers!

On the 20th of March 2016, project Cryptonus had been added to Premium Listing and 200$ were reinvested back in the project. Money back guarantee applies on 30 days, therefore until 20th of April 2016. Unfortunately, Refback is not available, as the project doesn’t offer referral program. More in review.


As I have already mentioned, project doesn’t offer anything like referral program. This made me stop for a moment. Why wouldn’t any admin, who wants to make his project grow and expand, offer the most important thing? In this case he has to have high budget to pay for advertisements, monitors and promoters. I am not sure about this, but speaking to the admin it seems like he is going to add some referral program later. Apparently, he wants to start slowly and get more investors as the time passes. Let’s wait and we shall see.


Next thing to mention is that project accepts Bitcoins only and the minimal investment is 100$, therefore 0.25 BTC. Although, it’s a little disadvantage, lots of the people use Bitcoins nowadays. What doesn’t fit for me is a fact that admin is a Russian and from what I know, Bitcoin is forbidden in Russia and the majority of investors use Payeer or Perfect Money. That makes it very hard for him to get russian investors, and its not good as russian investors are taking the biggest part among hyip industry and thay make the highest deposits there. About that minimal deposit of 0.25 BTC I see no problem. Admin writes on the page about not being interested in smaller deposits. I agree with him on that one, given its plans, small deposits aren’t worth investing. For those who would like to invest less money I recommend doing that in another project.


Cryptonus pays once in a week automatically on your Bitcoin address.

All of the plans are for one month. You are given a withdrawal once in a week for 4 weeks. Project doesn’t return initial deposit, as it is included in your complete profit and you will receive it in those 4 weeks back. Project offers 3 investment plans and each of them has 3 levels of interest. Personally, I recommend you to invest only in the first one.

The first one’s scale of investment is from 0.25 BTC up to 5 BTC. By this you get from 120% to 140% of your investment. Pure profits is 20% – 40%. The high of total profit doesn’t depend on your investment, but only on the plan level you choose.

The second one starts on 5 BTC and ends with 10 BTC. By this you get 140% – 160% (pure profit of 40%-60%). The last one is from 10 BTC and there is no limit beyond that. By this is your total profit 160% – 180% (pure profit of 60%-80%)


At the end I would like to say, that admin seems to be experienced and it is not his first project. Anyway, I think project could be very successful, if admin is going to add referral program. If you would like to invest, I recommend you to choose the first plan with either level 1 or level 2 of interest.

Today’s review is over. Invest carefully as always and see you soon.

Greeting Thomas Milton



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