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Another review is here after a long while. This time we talk about project called Ondios. I have added this project to Personal Listing and invested 400$ from my own pocket to it. Therefore, Money Back Guarantee isn’t available, however, RefeBack is set to 500%.

This project got my attention mainly because of its design, which is outstanding. Project is very well-made. What is even better is that project has its own custom script. Usually projects like this one are much more popular that the ones using Gold Coder‘s or H-Script codes. One thing I don’t like is .biz domain, as it doesn’t fit the project and debase it a little bit. I would expect this domain by either short-term or long-term projects.

For the time being, I see no bigger project’s propagation from admin, thought, it seems like project is growing pretty fast. In the time I am writing this review, project has Alexa statistic about 55k, which is pretty decent. Naturally these statistics are easy to cheat and that makes it unreliable.

Ondios admin uses hosting by, which is more or less pretty good one. Unfortunately, there is just free SSL certification. It could be better, even though I think it doesn’t matter.

Ondios offers the total of 2 investment plans. Minimal deposit is 20$.
First of them, which I prefer more, is 60 days plan. You can get 3,16% – 4% daily for 60 days. Your initial deposit is included in your daily profit – your deposit won‘t be returned in the end of the plan. Your profit percentage depends on the sum you invest. Your final profit will be 190% – 240% – (90% – 140% pure profit).

The second one is 15 days plan. You can get 1% daily for 15 days. Initial deposit is returns when the plan is over. Total profit is 115% – (15% pure profit).
As I have already mentioned, I prefer the first one, as its initial deposit is included in daily profit, thus you won’t lose that much money in case the project stops paying.

You may invest via payment systems Payeer, BitCoin and ADV Cash. It looks like admin will add Perfect Money and NIX Money later.

By the end I would like to mention one more thing, which I have seen for the first time by hyips. Instead of paying unnecessary money for monitors, project gives high refferal commision. If some person invest under you:
1. You get 5% from his deposit of your referral, which you can withdraw immediately.
2. You get 5% from deposit of your referral, which you can invest to a special plan and then withdraw your profit.
It seems like a good thing to me, as monitors can propagate and control status of the project without investing any money.

That is all for today. I hope that I have illustrated how this project works a little bit and what upsides or downsides investment has. In case of investment, invest carefully, as there is no Money Back Guarantee by Do not forget the golden rule – „Measure twice and cut once“.

Greeting Thomas Milton



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