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Hello readers,

Another review is here and I am going to introduce you a project called Binario Inv. I have added this project on the 16th of April 2016 to Personal Listing. Money Back Guarantee does not apply, but you can ask for a 1000% RefBack here.

Binario Inv was a “sleeping project“ for about 440 days. In that time It accepted Perfect Money payment system only with 2% daily plan for 200 days. Then on the 14th of April 2016, as expected from a project like this, it was completely redesigned. Binario Inv has its own script coded especially for this project, which is a goo sign. Speaking from my experience, these kinds of projects do pretty good in HYIP industry.

Binario Inv is little different from the ones we are used to. One thing that distinguishes this project is that project’s admin doesn’t buy any monitors. Instead of spending unnecessary money for monitors, he offers very high bonuses for bringing investors to the project. As a casual user you get 10% from investment of your referral in first line. For monitors it makes 20% and that is pretty decent I would say. It may seem like a lot, but if you compare it with other projects, spending a lot of money for monitors and advertisements, this is a more efficient way of propagation.

Next thing you wouldn’t expect from a hyip project is that Binario Inv has daily limit for deposits. It means, that if you won’t be fast enough, you don’t have a chance to invest. Limit renews itself every day exactly in 00:00 UTC. I persnonaly had a problem with investment, since deposits are closed again and limit exceeded within 20 seconds after 00:00 UTC. I have never seen anything like this by a hyip. Admin probably wants to achieve small growth of the project and gradually increase this limit so that investments are always higher than withdrawals. Project should work yet for a long time this way.

I am certain that this information will delight you. Project pays instantly and in case you want, you can set your withdrawals to automatic ones if your balance is more than 10$. That means that your money are withdrawn automatically in case your balance exceed 10$.
You can also invest via one payment system and withdrawal by another one. I like this very much, as you can use this project as an exchanger.
This project offers 4 investment plans in total, but we can speak just about the first and second, as the minimal deposits for the 3rd and 4th are 2000$ and 4000$. This amount of money cannot be invested, as this project has daily limit, so it’s impossible, but maybe later. Next thing I like is that every plan has your initial deposit included in daily profit. This might also help to withstand for a longer time.

In the first plan you can get 4,2% for 30 days. Minimal investment starts on 50$. When plan is over, your total return is 126%. Your pure profit is 26% + 10% RBC, that’s pretty decent total of 36%. The second plan gives you 2,8% daily for 60 days. Investment starts on 1000$ deposit. Total return is 168% – pure profit is 68% + 10% RBC = 78%. I won’t talk about other plans here as you can find out more directly on project’s website.

Project accepts big variety of payment systems like Perfect Money, Payeer, BitCoin, SolidTrustPay, Payza, Neteller, Skrill, OKPay, Yandex Money, ADV Cash etc.. Simply almost every used one in HYIP industry.

I would also mention something about technical parameters. This project uses hosting from CloudFlare, which is pretty much a standard one and I fell like it’s okay. Project has also EV SSL certification from Comodo and domain registered in November 2014.

Before the end, I would like to say that this is an exemplary HYIP project. I haven’t found a single negative thing on this project yet. Everything is set to work as long as possible. There is just one thing that bothers me and that is project being alive for more than 450 days, though, I think it is just a beginning and we have a long future to look forward to.

That is all from me. In case of investment, invest carefully as always, since there is unfortunately no Money Back Guarantee from Don’t forget to enter for newsletter in the right panel next to this article, so you don’t miss any news about programs here on All you need to do is enter you email address, copy a code and then confirm it via email. Do not forget the golden rule – „Measure twice and cut once“.

Greeting Thomas Milton



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