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Hello readers,

Welcome to my another review. Today, I will acquaint you with a project called Rixos Fiannce. I have invested $1000 in this project on 23th of April 2016 from my own pocket and placed the project here on at the same time. Money Back Guarantee is unfortunately not available, as this project hasn’t bought paid listing yet. Anyway, RefBack is set to 500%, so do not forget to use it when you invest.

I personally find this project pretty good, not only because it‘s accepting a big variety of payment system, but also for its design, which might seem a little bit old-school, but it looks very trustworthy and professional. Plans are also set in a way that everyone get to choose his own and I like that – more about plans down below.

What made me stop is that project has recently added new plan, which gives you a lot more money than the other ones and that in just 5 days. This is usualy not a good sign, thus I think that investing is not exactly the greatest idea especially now, when big hyip are dropping one by one. I couldn’t miss that project is added on for more than 300 days. That is nonsense of course. I don’t really know what was admin trying to achieve by this. Maybe he wanted to do something similar to so-called “sleeping project“, who knows. Nevertheless, project is now online for almost 60 days. Another thing to mention is that the project’s domain was registered already in August of 2014. It means that project was good prepared a long time ago. Besides others, project has EV SSL certificate by Comodo, hosting by DDOS Guard and script by Gold Coders, which may seem like a standard nowadays.

Now something about its plans. There is a total of 8 plans. It depends only on you which one you are gonna choose. But if you want to invest, I strongly recommend you to invest only in plans, which have initial deposit included in your daily profit. And also try not to spend much. That will ensure you, because in case of scam you don’t lose all of your money. Plans are from short-termed to middle-termed.
Here I am going to introduce just one of them. The one I have joined in and seems pretty good to me. This plan is called Rococo and you get 9% for 14 days. Final profit is 126% (26% of pure profit) + 5% RBC = 31% in 14 days.

Project accepts big variety of payment systems such as Perfect Money, Payeer, BitCoin, SolidTrustPay, Payza, ADV Cash and Bank Wire.

If I am to rate this review, I don’t really know whether it’s more negative or positive. I try to do my reviews objectively. In a sum, there could be a problem in a new plan. It might just be a temptation for investors leading into fast scam. This plan gives you 20% in just 5 days. It might not be the most, but in this case it seems like this plan is very different from the others and if the project wanted to be here for a long time, it wouldn’t do such a thing. I do not want to debase the project, as it is very-well made and if it wasn’t for this plan, I would maybe consider reinvesting, but we are in hyip industry and nothing is for sure here, thus it’s better to be safe than sorry. Especially when we have some doubts.

That is all from me. In case of investment, invest carefully as always, since there is unfortunately no Money Back Guarantee from Don’t forget to enter for newsletter in the right panel next to this article, so you don’t miss any news about programs here on All you need to do is enter you email address, copy a code and then confirm it via email. Do not forget the golden rule – „Measure twice and cut once“.

Greeting Thomas Milton



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