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Today it‘s gonna be a little unusual. As you have already noticed, this week was really bad for hyip related things. A lot of famous projects had stopped paying and that is bad news for all investors for sure. For me personally, this week was the worst I have ever experienced in times of And why is this happening? That is the question, which has several explanations.

One of the theories, the one I consider to be the most likely, is that all of that begun because of Amazing 5 scam, which has been already accompanying us for 187 days. Even though, I didn’t participate, I heard a lot about it. But why this program started this big so-called “scam wave“ ? It is pretty logical. In this case a lot of investors started to be very carefull, as this involves a project that big, which I think wasn’t overlooked by anyone, who is interested in hyip industry. After this such a thing, a lot of investors decided to take a break and not to invest in new projects, just to withdraw old invested money from hyips. However, that’s what caused this big scam wave. Then other projects followed, for example the project by legendary admin (Startup Invest) called Platinum Way and the others like Eternity Investments, Ondios, Unites Swiss Banks, Agroif, Rixos Finnance etc.

Now a discussion about Capital 7 program by Carbon 7 admin being the successor of Amazing 5 is very actual. Unfortunately, I have heard that the project is not paying big withdrawals and given the scam wave, which is probably not going to end any time soon, even though I wish it would, it might not have the greatest impact on the project. So far I recommend you not to deposit any money in Capital 7 and in case of withdrawal, try to do it in separated parts.
Anyway, nobody knows which project is coming next. I am just recommending you to take a break, as money isn‘t priority in life. Hyips are unpredictable, thus those who invest should do it for adrenalin and fun, as it is gambling.

Next thing I would like to mention is for everyone following any blog about hyips like this one. Be patient and wait for the right time. Think through very well whether you want to invest or save your money. Another bad thing would be to invest in new projects. Try to wait for review for example, so it’s clear, where is the project going and whether or not it’s gonna last more than few weeks or days even.

That’s all from me so far. Thank you for following me, as is a place for smart investors.
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Greeting Thomas Milton

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