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Hello everybody,

Today, it is exactly 7 days from when a new project was added on and with that comes a review. The project I would like to talk about is called BTCINO. This project bought Premium Listing and I have invested 150$ in that. I completed my first plan today and successfully reinvested 100$. Money Back Guarantee is available for 20 days, as this project is in Premium Listing, so until 15.5.2016. Refback is set up to 500%, so don’t forget to request it in case of investment.

As I have already mentioned, admin’s previous project was called CashClubCow. His previous project’s lifetime was something about 30 days, which is not the highest, but on the other hand, we know what we can expect from it. It looks like admin tries to propagate his project just by quality sources and blogs such as MNO or DavidNews.
This project has also one outstanding feature. The whole legend is based on investing in forex and “Poker bots“ together, which is pretty frequent nowadays. What is really interesting is that in a section called “About us“ you have the opportunity to watch a bot earning money live. It is very unlikely that it’s somewhat related to the project, though, it is a nice thing to see. We can also notice a company presentation on its web page, although, it looks very cheap and is probably bought on Fiverr for a few bucks.
BTCINO runs on Gold Coders‘ script. Web page is placed on DDOS Guard‘ hosting and it also has SSL EV certification.

Now let’s talk about investment plans, which you can find 3 of them in total on this page. Minimal investment equals 10$ in both the first and the second one. In the third one it is 1100$. I personally recommend you to invest just in the first one or if you feel like it, maybe into the second one with a little bit of risk. All of them returns your initial deposit after the plan ended.
First plan offers 2% – 2,5% for 6 days. That depends on a high of you investment. If you invest something on scale from $10 to $500, you get 2% daily. Your pure profit is 12%. The second one gives you 2,2% – 3% daily for 10 days. In case of $10 – $500 investment you get 2,2%. Therefore, your pure profit is 22%.
Project pays manually within 24 hours. It was paying slowly at the beginning, but it seems like they have overcome this issue recently and now its paying pretty fast. I personally recommend you to invest only in the first plan, as it is much more profitable if you include the RBC, which you can ask for.

BTCINO’s admin added Payza and Solid Trust Pay recently. Now, project accepts all main payment systems such as Perfect Money, Payeer, BitCoin, SolidTrustPay, Payza and ADV Cash.

Before the end I will rate the project overall. I think that investment in this project is still safe, but only in the first plan. I have been pretty surprised by the addition of Payza and Solid Trust Pay payment systems. That is undoubtedly very good step forward. Project is growing pretty well now and it has the potential to success. The only think I would complain about is its design, which looks too simple. Anyway, it is not a big deal, as we have seen other projects with similar design being successful such as SUV Funds or Platinum Way.

As always, invest carefully. Until 15/05/2016 refunds you some part of your money if you lose it, but there is no reason to invest too much. The decision is entirely on you and don’t forget that has always been, is and will be only for you. Break a leg!

Greetings Thomas Milton



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