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Hello everybody!

We have a little untraditional project for today. I have added BeOnPush to Personal Listing and invested 2000$ from my own pocket. Money Back Guarantee is unfortunately not available, but Refback is set to 1000%.

BeOnPush is a pretty old project,which is paying almost for 180 days. Even though I have seen a chance of profitting something. A lot of rumors talk about this project notbeing a hyip, but it is one, though, nontraditional. It doesn’t add any monitors and I haven’t seen any kind of propagation as by usual hyips. There is just one thing I have noticed and that it is it has a lot of promoters on social networks. BeOnPush is becoming more and more popular lately and that was also the reason I have noticed this project. Nevertheless, in the last couple of days project has changed a lot, even its plans. This is usually not a good sign when talking about hyip, but this one is fortunately not behaving like a hyip, so I think it won’t have any impact on investors or project itself.

Bad news is that admin screwed up something probably during the changes, as there is no way to withdraw your profit. It is necessary to use TOR browser as I have found out later as its doesn’t load JavaScript and other things. Simply put, there is no way to click on “Next“ button in Withdrawal Request window. We can only hope in quick fix, as it can cause a little panic. Looking at its design, very simply made. Maybe too simple and unprofessional. Even though I think project has a good future to look at.

Project has also changed and added new plans. Formerly, you got 0,5% – 3,5 daily until you had reached your final profit o 150%. Then your investment expired. The daily percentage depends on your investment’s high. Now, plans are lowered and they expire on 130%. This is very unusual. Usually admins add new plans with higher profit right before scam. That is also the reason I think it will change nothing in this case. It is important to mention that your investment is returned within 2/3 months. Minimal investment is 20$.

Project accepts unfortunately just two payment system and those are Payeer and Payza. It is pretty few of them, but that hints it is not a project intended for hyipindustry. Even thoughit works on ponzi schema.

Before the end it is a tradition to talk about few things, that make this project so good and the reason I joined. The main thing is its comprehensive referral program. Just from the first line of the people registered under you, you get 13% from their investment and that you can withdraw immediately. Plus, the whole thing works on the left and right leg system. It is pretty hard to explain, but simply it works in a way that you recommend some friend of yours and you place him into either left or right leg manually or automatically. Your friend recommends another friend and in case he deposits any money, you get 10% from his investment. It is not that simple though. For you to get that money, it is necessary to have a persons that deposited in both legs. Let’s say you have someone who deposited 1000$ in your right leg. You get nothing so far. But in case someone adds 900$ to your left leg, you get automatically 90$ (always the smaller amount). Then 900$ is taken off from the right leg and therefore the balance is 100$. Then if someone put 500$ to the left leg again, you get only 10$, as the smaller amount is 100$ (10% from the smaller amount). In the left leg is 400$ left. And this goes over and over. I think that by this is project spreading just by itself.

I personally think, that project is still more or less safe. The choice of investment is entirely on you. I know a lot of investors lost their money due to the scam wave. Apparently it is over and we can expect a lot of new projects.

That is all from me. In case of investment, invest carefully as always, since there is unfortunately no Money Back Guarantee from Don’t forget to enter for newsletter in the right panel next to this article, so you don’t miss any news about programs here on All you need to do is enter you email address, copy a code and then confirm it via email. Do not forget the golden rule – „Measure twice and cut once“.

Greeting Thomas Milton



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