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Hello readers,
Few days ago a project called Crypto Stability bought Exclusive Listing. Whether or not is project as stable as its name says will we talk about in this review. Money Back Guarantee applies for 30 days (until 09/06/16) as it is a middle-term project. If you have invested right after the addition of this project to, you now have a money back guarantee until the time you will reach profit, as it usually takes about 30 days when counting RefBack and investments higher than 250$. RefBack is set to 600%.

The main thing which will be in interest of most of you is its design. Design is very well made, although, as we all know, design is not the main criterion when deciding whether the project is appropriate for investment or not. Next thing I would like to mention is that admin of this project has a very big budget for project’s advertisement and propagation. He only buys high quality sources such as MNO, but for example MNO prepaid banner 728×90 for a month + Premium Listing. Also he prepaid Pinned Golden Stage for 3 months on DavidNews and I could go like this for a while. Simply admin wants to ensure everybody that he is going to be here for a long time. But things are little bit different than it seems.
I have an information from a trustworthy source that it is admin of an infamous project called RockFeller, which was here for just about 20 days and therefore left no one to get in profit. If this is gonna be the same case no one knows yet, but in case you want to invest, invest only what you can afford to lose.

Now something about plans. There is just 70-days plan to choose, which gives you 3% – 5% for 70 working days. The amount of percent you get depends on your investment amount. I emphasize that project is paying only on week days and therefore you get your deposit back in 45 days (if you invest less than 250$).
What will certainly please you is that project pays instantly up to the 500$. So you can have your profits on your wallets within few seconds and you can also immediately recognize whether is project still paying or not.

Project accepts usual trio Perfect Money, Payeer and BitCoin.

I personally think that the project is not as good as it is on the first sight. I personally invested 1000$ to the project and then reinvested 400$ for Exclusive Listing. Now I think that was maybe a mistake. We will find out that anyway as the time passes. I hope I will get my deposit back at least. As you can see in MONITOR / RBC section, project has only 2 stars. This is a good signal based on which you can see whether I am satisfied whit the project or not. If it is a solid project I give it about 3+ stars, so check out that as well.

Today’s review is over. Invest carefully as always and see you soon. Don’t forget to enter for newsletter in the right panel next to this article, so you don’t miss any news about programs here on

Greeting Thomas Milton



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