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Hello readers,

On the day of 23/02/16 a program called Billion Earn bought Standard Listing. Money Back Guarantee is available for 20 days from the date of its addition here on, as it is a long-term project we’re talking about. RefBack is set to 500%. Now let’s move to the project’s review.

I have been thinking about investing in this project earlier, right after it woke up from “sleeping” and redesigned. Due to not very promising plans I have decided not to do so. I think that Billion Earn is a very good program, which could be here yet for a few cycles thanks to its low plans.
Currently is project on for more than 430 days. Don’t get caught by surprise, as the project has been paying very little money for 370 days and was redesigned just before 60 days.

Project has a very strange design, which looks very well constructed and feels very de luxe. Nevertheless, due to this design quality is the page very slow. That’s a little pity. Admin could have worked on that a little bit more.

There are a few interesting things about technical parameters. Project’s domain was created on September 2014 and was prepaid for 8 years. That can implies that the project was planned and prepared a very long time before. Billion Earn has as usual EV SSL certificate by Comodo. By the way, to get this certificate you need to have a registration of your “company” on, which costs something about 30$. This is also the reason we can see registered certificates for Great Britain only. The page works on hosting by Genius Guard. So everything looks like the standart, nothing special.

When we focus on its plans it is necessary to mention that the project pays on week days only, manually within 48 hours and on weekends or holidays within 72 hours. Project has also the deposit included in daily profit, therefore it is not returned when the plan is over. Unfortunately, there is just one plan I would recommend you to invest in. The other ones are totally inappropriate. The plan is called “Regular Profit”. Standalone plan is yet divided into daily, week and monthly plan. The daily one is the only reasonable one, as the minimal deposit is too high by the other ones.
The first plan in Regular Profit section gives you 1% for 120 week days. Maximal deposit is 15$. The total income should be 120% (20% pure profit).
The second one gives you 1,25% for 85 week days. Your income is 106,25% (just 6,25% of pure profit). Minimal deposit is 750$.
The other ones I strongly don’t recommend. In case you decide to invest choose just from the first two ones.

Project accepts basic payment systems: Perfect Money, Payeer, ADV Cash and BitCoin.

I personally gave the project total of 3 stars, as I think it has a chance to be here for a very long time. On the other hand, I don’t know whether it is worth risking given so small profit. 6,25% for 85 weekdays is a really small profit, given the fact that you can get that in a single day by another project. Nevertheless, I recommend this to investors, which don’t really want to get interested about hyips and want to just enjoy their profits. This project will be here probably for a long time, although, nothing is sure so invest only what you can afford to lose.

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Greeting Thomas Milton



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