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Hello my readers,

Few days ago (6/05/16), new project called HashOcean was added here on As the name says project focuses on BitCoin, specifically on BitCoin mining. Money Back Guarantee is not available, as I have added the project to Personal Listing and invested 1500$ from my own pocket. RefBack is set to 500%. Unforunately, project pays referall commision after 30 days, more down below in review.

The first thing I would like to mention , due to which I have also added this project, is Money Back Guarantee it offers. Project offers it for the whole plan for the case you are unsatisfied or you just simply need your money on something else. Hash Ocean moves your money back to your balance within 72 hours and then you get your BitCoins to your bitcoin wallet within 24hours. Your gained profit is of course deducted from your money balance in case you have gained some.

Naturally, it felt strange to me so I wanted to try it. Everything worked as written and my money were moved to my BitCoin wallet back within few hours. This is very unnatural here in hyip industry and that i salso the reason why I think HashOcean doesn’t belong in it. We could be discussing even about whether it is a hyip or not. Who knows ? Anyway, profits its offers could not have been generated in case of real company.

HashOcean definitely belongs to my favorites and I think it could be generating us good profits for a while. I have also noticed that a lot of people untouched by hyip industry are interested in this project, which is a good sign. It is a similar case to, where a lot of people outside of hyip industry came and thus this project spreaded among the whole society. Project’s Alexa is about 7000, which is very good.

It of course accepts BitCoin only, as it is a project about BitCoin mining.

Project’s plan works in a way that you buy certain amount of energy. The more you buy the cheaper it gets and the more profit you generate. Plans are for 87 days and HashOcean pays 7 days a week automaticaly on your BitCoin wallet, so you don’t care about anything. Reinvesting and enjoing your profit is enough. Daily you get about 1,3% and your initial deposit is returned when the plan is over. Overall you double your investment within 87 days.

Now, as I mentioned earlier, project has a different referral program. Therefore in case of the highest investment you don’t get your referral commision till 30th day. Project pays 5% from referall’s investment after 30 days, as there is the Money Back Guarantee and people could be misusing that. So the project waits 30 days when it is sure that it has already earned 5% of investors money and therefore it won’t lose money in case the investor would have decided to get away from the project. It is very clever and thus I totaly agree with it.
Nevertheless, to some of you, who don’t invest that much money, I will pay out RBC right from my own pocket, as I trust this project a lot.

Project is on for more than a year (440 days) and considered its profits it is very good. I only hope for it to continue. Nevertheless, there will be one day when it ends so invest just what you can afford to lose.



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