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Hello guys!
Today we have a review about program called Crypto Genius, which is online for more than 10 days at the moment. Project bought Premium Listing on the day of 12/06/16 and therefore Money Back Guarantee is available until 22/06/16, so just for 3 days yet. Refback is set to 300% – project pays 3% Referral Commision. It is necessary to say that admin has also bought banner 125×125, but only for one week.

Now let’s move to the project itself. Right at the beginning I would like to say that this review is gonna be more positive than negative. When project asked for Premium listing here on Inveexp I accepted it but gave it only total of 2 stars – you can check that out on “MONITOR/RBC“ web page. Later when I gained more information about its admin and after long conversations with him I have reckoned that it is a very well designed project and admin is doing his best to make it last as long as he can, even though, its web page doesn’t look so attractive on the first sight. I personally think that it can easily last for 30 days. I do not guarantee you that, as hyip industry is very unpredictable. I just have this feeling.

It looks like its admin is more or less a rookie in hyip industry, although, I found out that he has some experiences whit RevShare programs.
As I have already mentioned, project’s design doesn’t look particularly good, but it can also be a positive thing, as it may help its gradual growth – there won’t be any high deposits right from its beginning, but it will spread among people and so becomes more trustworthy as the time passes.
It is obvious that admin is always working on his project and he tries to make it more appropriate for investors. For example he has added new function called “Auto Withdrawals“, which makes it you don’t have to care about your account all the time and your money are sent to your wallet every day at the same time automaticaly. Unfortunately, this function is possible only for a 3-day plan, which pays 37% daily with deposit included in daily profit. To activate this function is contacting admin via email necessary.

It is a short-term hyip “A1D“. Project offers total of 7 investment plans, from which I would recommend only the first three. As a matter of fact, I recommend only the one previously mentioned plan, which gives you 37% (investment 10-999$) daily for 3 days. Total return is 111% – net profit 11%. Nevertheless, if you want to, you can use 1-day plan, which gives you 103% in 1 day – net profit is 3%. By using this plan project can lose its stability, as by investing and withdrawing everyday you do the same thing as “HIT & RUN“ investors and that is the reason why I only recommend you the 3-day one. For those who would like more gambling there is a 5-day plan, which gives you 118% (10-999$) in 5 days. The other ones are pretty risky and I strongly don’t recommend them to anybody. But who knows, maybe you will be lucky.

Crypto Genius pays instantly and that will please you. As it is a project with Gold Coders script, it could not be a good thing. However, let’s hope that admin won’t keep all of his money on one wallet – the one connected via API to script. As you could have read in my previous articles, some Gold Coders script’s projects were robbed due to mentioned API. So this is kind of an advice for admin.
Project accept Perfect Money, Payeer, ADVCash and BitCoin wallets. Minimal deposit is 10$.

At the very end of this review I just want to say that I have reevaluated this project and gave it 3 stars instead of 2. Therefore, this project is pretty good one. Always check the amount of stars for project please. It is not always a warranty, but there is this rating for a reason. When a project has less than 2 stars, than it is not a good on efor investment.

That is all from me for today. Invest just what you can afford to lose and don’t forget to subscribe news via email by filling a form on the right side of the page.

Greeting Thomas!



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