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Little late but still here a review about UKOSCOM program, which bought Standarad Listing on the day of 12/06/16. Money Back Guarantee is available just for 10 days, as it is a middle-term hyip, so until 22/06/16. RefBack is set to 500%, so don’t forget about him when investing.

Projects look pretty good what design concerns. Nevertheless, I think the project itself is not doing so good, thus the investment could be potentially risky. I gave it just 2 stars and I have my reason for that.
The very first thing I don’t like about it is its name – „UKOSCOM“. It seems like it has no deeper meaning and also looks very clumsy. It may be the reason why is this project not so popular among investors. Next thing on the list is that the project does not try to propagate itself. I have seen just it add a few monitors and that’s it. Maybe it will start later, who know? And the last thing I don’t like is its minimal withdrawal amount being set to 2$. It is not a big deal, but why ? Although, UKOSCOM writes that withdrawals are done within 24 hours.
You know what ? There is yet another thing that I registered right after the project’s addition here on It is about Payza and Solid Trust Pay payment systems. Project offers to deposit via these payment systems and that may look very trustworthy. However, I found out that it is just manual deposit and Payza and Solid Trust Pay accounts aren’t verificated as Business. I think that when they aren’t verificated as Business then there is no reason to even offer them.

UKOSCOM offers two investment plans. The first one pays you 6% daily for 30 days. It is necessary to consider that program doesn’t pay on Sundays, thus your income is 156% – 56% net profit. The next one pays you 109% over 6 days. Net profit is 9%. I don’t know which one from those plans is the better one, but personally I would choose the 6% one. It is important to know that minimal deposit is 20$ in both cases.

Project accepts payment systems Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, (Payza and Solid Trust Pay)

I am not going to add anything more today. I hope that you enjoyed this review and that you will stay by for another review on

That is all from me for today. Invest just what you can afford to lose and don’t forget to subscribe news via email address by filling in the form next to this article. I also want to encourage you to be more active on our chat. Do not hesitate to share your impressions, perceptions and hopes for some program you think might be good. Thank you.

Greeting Thomas!



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