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I have a small delay again, but better late than never. Today we will focus on Exclusive project SSARINI. Admin has bought Exclusive listing and since this is a middle-term hyip, Money Back Guarantee is available for 30 days. Refback is set to 800%, so do not forget to use it.

The project doesn’t look bad at all on the first sight. It has pretty unique design with small graphs. SSARINI is a project with many payment systems, which we cannot find regularly in hyip industry.
Project accepts these payment systems : Payeer, BitCoin, Perfect Money, Payza, OK Pay, Netteler, ADV Cash, NIX Money, Skrill and Yandex. You can notice a Solid Trust Pay logo on the main page, however, this processor isn’t available so far. Admin told me that he is going to get it working soon and that he is now just waiting for verification, but who knows? I am personally very skeptical about this one.

Project has been paying for more than 18 days. I do not know what life expectancy we can expect, but thanks to big variety of plans I have a feeling like 30-40 days. I don’t want anticipate, as everything depends on actual circumstances.

As I have already mentioned, there is a vast variety of plans. They are divided into two groups of 6 plans. There are daily plans, which have deposits included in daily profit and next there are plans, by which you get daily profit and initial deposit when the plan is over.

As we all know, it is always better to choose a plan, which has its initial deposit included in daily profit. We avoid that one day the project has to pay 100% of your investment. Especially, in case of bigger investments is this a stumbling-block and admins need to decide whether to pay or not. Today we will focus just on plans with deposit included in daily profit. The first one is for 10 days and you get 11% daily profit. Total profit is 110% – 10% net profit. It is necessary to say that its maximal investment is just 50$. I would call this plan more of a tester for newbies. The next plan is for 30 days and you get 4,67% daily. Total profit is 140% (40% of net profit). That is pretty nice, isn’t it? Maximal investment here is 250$ a minimal 51$. The third plan gives you 3,71% daily for 45 days. I have invested in this particular plan too by the way. Total profit is here 167% (67% net profit). It is necessary to say that the minimal deposit is 251$ and the maximal is 500$. The next one is just for big players and gamblers, because minimal deposit starts on 501$ and ends by 1000$. This plan pays 3,37% daily for 60 days. Total profit should be 202% (102% net profit). That’s a pretty big amount and I don’t think it is worth investing. It would be nonsense to risk so much. We won’t talk about other plans, as they are too insane. That would be all about the plans. Minimal project’s deposit is 10$, so even beginners can join and test how it all works.

There is another thing I would like to talk about. SSARINI is completely automatic project. All you have to do is make your deposit. As follows, every payments will be send to your wallet automatically without any other tasks. Just check your wallet’s rightness in settings page of the project.

SSARINI uses H-Script, which is the second most used script in hyip industry.
At the end, I have just one small pleasant thing that the project has its own “presentational video”, which is just a small bonus to all of this.

Project seems almost perfect, but I personally think that investor interface’s design is too confused and admin could design it better. But that is not big deal, as all you have to do there is to make a deposit.

There is not many investors in hyip industry now, so we can only hope that this project will last as long as it can.

Just a small update before the end, I am preparing an investing possibility for readers. I have started investing in forex trought automatic robots. It is a completely legal profit. Daily profit is something about 1-2%. That depends on daily market of course, but I can tell you that it is more or less stable and safe. I do not promise anything, but I haven’t got into minus yet. For everyone interested, there is a possibility to invest via Skrill or Neteller. Unfortunately, payment systems like Perfect Money or BitCoin won’t be available. So if you are interested, just contact me via skype or mail and we can come to terms. I have been thinking about buying Gold Coders script and running that on it, but I will decide on how interested you will be.

That is all from me. Enjoy your Holidays and stay tuned for upcoming news here on

Regards Thomas Milton



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