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After more than a month, here comes another review. Hyip industry is not very active these days and we haven’t seen many interesting projects lately. It won’t take long, starting with 1.9.2016, we can expect plenty of new projects coming from well known admins.

Let’s move on to the actual project called LaraWithMe. I have decided to invest in this project by myself, therefore it was added to my Personal listing only. Nevertheless, I was able to convince administrator of the project to offer us, investors here at, Money Back Guarantee, which tends to be the reason why people here invest with us. Finally, administrator transferred 1000$ with a set expiry on 6.9.2016. In case administrator stops payments before mentioned date, this amount will be split up between all investors registered beneath me. In case administrator keeps paying, which is highly expected, this amount will be returned to him at specified date. I have been thinking about this system of Money Back Guarantee for a long time and I might make it reality. The problem here is, that there is no profit to be made for me, so I might want to cancel the RCB. That will be decided eventually. Right now there is a 1000% RCB, because program offers 10% from each investment your referral makes.

The project itself has its own script and what is the most interesting part here is, that the entire script is connected with application, which purpose is solely for chatting. It offers quite safe possibility to communicate, thanks to the “Secure Chat” function. This feature guarantees you, the only way to access the chat would be from the very same computer it was created. Whenever you try to connect from another device, it would not be visible to you. That is probably the reason, why this application was chosen by administrator in a first place.

Registration is slightly different from other projects, therefore developers created a video to show you the way:

Project has only one plan, 3% daily forever. Minimal investment is 10$. Project is up and running for almost 60 days which makes early investors to be nearing 200% profit. In order to get your initial investment back, roughly 32 days will be needed.

Whether it is too late for an investment, I do not know, but project had slow start and begun to be drastically promoted just couple weeks ago. That might be a bad sign. Looking at the, this project is up and running for more than 200 days + plans were increased and it has been promoting aggressively ever since it started, so we cannot quite set it as an example.
LaraWithMe became very popular lately and considering statistics to not be fake, there is 100 000$ invested every day, which is quite a lot. Personally I think Lara is unlikely to close before the Money Back Guarantee ends here at
One thing that I like a lot about promotion campaign is the fact, that Lara is not using pointless monitors. The main focus is on advertising banners, which can be noticed at almost every well known website.

Project accepts payment systems Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash a BitCoin.

This is all I wanted to say about this project. Invest what you can afford to lose and enjoy the end of holidays.




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