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Hello everyone, I hope you have enjoyed Christmas and New Year. I wish you the year 2017 to be even more successful than the year 2016.

After a very long time here is another review. As you might have noticed, I tent to invest mostly in the long term projects lately. I think that long term projects like Questra, Evo Binary, RightRise or BitCoin World is the future. Most of the short term hyips with high profit percentages are worthless, therefore I am moving away from it slowly, but surely. While being very busy by personal matters, there is not as many reviews on as before.

Roughly two months ago, project RightRise was added, which was launched on 21/10/2016. There is no deposit guarantee, but according to very trustworthy information I have, the administrator is well known. I am in touch with him personally, but he wishes his previous project to not be publicated. The only thing I can tell you is that his previous project was listed here on and we all earned very well.

Let’s move on to the review itself. RightRise belongs in the company of the best investment opportunities of this time. I personally believe, that it is still not too late for an investment. Don’t forget to invest only what you can afford to lose.

What I like the most about this project, that administrator is very active and the project is constantly receiving updates and new modules. In the time,RightRise was accepted to be listed here on, there were only two payment processors. Every week there are 1-2 things added or tweaked, which is very positive. Video from the administrator wishing happy New Year was also very nice. It was definitely a smart move and I am happy to see administrator to work on even those small details which would be ignored by many.

The project has it’s own unique script. There is also Telegram robot made by administrator, where you can find your withdrawals, daily income and so on. I would say that Telegram robots became a new trend lately.
RightRise offers only one investment plan providing you with 1-3% daily until the time project stops paying (lifetime). Therefore, who comes first, wins the most. I am personally in lovely 150% profit (50% net profit) with my own investment of 5000$. The minimum investment allowed is 1 share – 30$.

It is possible to invest in RightRise using Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin (the amount invested stays in bitcoin, therefore there is no need to exchange to dollars, which is very handy thanks to significant bitcoin rise), AdvCash, BTC-E code, Yandex Money, NIX Money and LiteCoin.

At the end I shall note this project belongs to my favorite ones recently thanks to slow growth and advertising. I believe it is here to stay for at least couple months.

Take care! 😉

Thomas Milton



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  1. Cyril
    June 3, 2017 at 1:17 pm

    Thomas, I invested in fexfund under you. But my RCB request has not been processed.

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